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Easyfun and Easyfun-Ethereal


"The Easyfun-Ethereal paintings are very layered. My interest has always been to create art that can change with any culture or society viewing it. When I look at the paintings and realize the historical references, it’s as if, for a moment, all ego is lost to meaning".

In this series, the artist created cartoon animal silhouettes from colorful mirrored surfaces that distort the observer´s reflection, objects that are irresistibly attractive. The mirrors that had appeared in Koons´s early work as Minimalist supports were now transformed into monochromatic reflections of a baroque contemporaneity. Koons accompanied these reflective pieces with his first three Easyfun paintings, such as Cut-Out, Hair, and Loopy, which resemble photo-realist collages, as they incorporate images cut out of brochures, advertisements, magazines, and personal photos, and clearly allude to the work of other artists like John Baldessari, James Rosenquist and Jackson Pollock. The three paintings, shown for the first time in 1999 at the Sonnabend Gallery, were soon followed by others and the Easyfun-Ethereal series paintings, where the process became more complex and the layers of images were processed using computer software and painstakingly hand-transferred to canvas by his assistants.

Loopy, 1999
Oil on canvas
274.3 x 201.3cm
Bill Bell Collection
© Jeff Koons